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made agreement inside this next week. even if you're out for work. just keep them indoors and safe. >> one of the coldest spots in the country is right here in the bay area. we're on the verge of freezing temperatures. good evening, and thanks for joining us. >> if you're feeling cold now, get ready. it's about to get colder. want to show you a live look in
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walnut creek, where the temperature is some 36 degrees. we have live team coverage with you. we begin in jean elle, where it is chilly. >> reporter: it is cold. it knows not as cold as it is in larksburg creek. it is 34 degrees. but with clear skies overhead, the temperature is expected to drop. a temperature drop everyone is feeling. the christmas tree lot is busy with families bundled up for a cold holiday tradition. >> it's really cold. >> reporter: for this 10-year-old, it's a welcome change in the weather. >> i like the cold. i like skiing. the colder it is, the better itc is. >> reporter: cyclist paul fuller says dropping temperatures lifts his spirits. >> i get back inside and warm
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up. >> reporter: inside is where your pets belong during the cold snap. animal control says exposure can be deadly for dogs and cats. >> if you go outside and feeling cold in your jacket, they're probably going to be just as cold in their coats. >> reporter: souvenir shops are hoping cold travelers to buy jackets. >> i have four layers on. and i'm drinking a cup of tea. >> reporter: she and her family had the wharf almost all to themselv themselves. >> mostly the wind. >> reporter: the cold is keeping lots of visitors inside. ticket sales for the cable car company's holiday lights tour are brisk. whose who brave the weather are covered from head-to-toe, determined to embrace the
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season. not sure how merry ferry commuters are going to feel out here with the frigid temperatures. but one thing is for sure, they're in for a cold ride. to find out what we're in for, let's check in with jeff. >> i can see you have the gloves on. by tomorrow night, you're going to need that scarf. take a look at the temperaturesx we talked about it being colder than other spots across the nation. new york city 42 degrees. chicago at 50. napa you are colder than both of those locations at 39 degrees. all of this is getting set off by a huge dome of polar air that's moving across the west. i think it's going to stay here for the next 36 hours across the bay area. walnut creek, 36. napa, 39. down towards san jose. chilly for your standards at 34. with those temperatures in place, we will get into the 20s for tomorrow morning. the worst of the weather for tomorrow when it comes to the
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chill will be in the north bay. all of our coat counties are u the freeze warning. still not too late to take those bet pets inside. you can throw a sheet over the plants. we'll tell you who goes down to 27 degrees by 6:00 a.m. >> it is chilly. temperatures are low. which means profits are high. that's the business plan for dozens of bay area ski and snowboard shops. and everyone else looking to buy warmer clothes. >> they're very excited. they've had a lot of enthusiasm. pent up enthusiasm. they want to get the equipment and head up and have a great time. they want the latest and greatest. >> retailers aren't the only ones benefits. squaw valley expects to have seven inches of fresh snow by tomorrow morning.
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>> coming up, we'll take you to one of the ski resorts that is gearing up for this season. our coverage on the cold temps continues online. go to or sign up to have the weather forecast e-mailed to you. you can submit your weather photos. following some breaking news in san jose. a deadly crash between a car and a bicyclist. tonight's accident brings the number to 25. >> it happened near vista park drive and branum lane in south san jose. george kiriyama has the details. >> reporter: the intersection is blocked off at this hour. a man riding his bicycle appears to have been in the intersection when an suv hit him.
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the cyclist was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. the driver is cooperating. this is the city's 40th traffic fatality of this year and the 25th car versus pedestrian fatality in 2013. this, by far, has been the deadliest year, in terms of pedestrian fatalities in a long time. look at this graphic right here. you can see 25 in 2013. there were seven in 2010. and 2011 had 20 pedestrian fatalities. some neighbor groups during a vigil last night called for more traffic enforcement and traffic in certain areas to slow down those who speed. and traffic investigators at the scene are telling me they will be out here for a while to look at how this investigation, how this accident happened here tonight. >> thank you, george.
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a dangerous year in san jose. new at 11:00, a jack in the box armed robbery. suspects are on the run after police say they robbed customers and employees at gun point. they walked into the jack in the box in mountain view on el camino real last night. is a missing san jose pilot alive? dale smith was flying a single-engine plane when he reported an engine failure in the wilderness of idaho. researchers are hoping that the five people aboard are alive. authorities picked up the signal of the emergency beacon today. it's in a different area than where the last cell phone pings came from. that suggests movement. >> it's been a couple days now.
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we're hopeful. >> these a very good pilot. i've flown with him a number of times. he's very meticulous in everything he does. safe. if anybody could land that plane, i think he could. >> smith's daughter and fiance were on the plane, as well. the land underneath their treasure island home is toxic. but two dozen families are not happy about being asked to move. the families got a letter last week notifying they live in the zone that the navy wants to clean up beginning in april. at a meeting tonight with island leaders, residents learn more about the decision. >> we're a little more at-ease about this. we have a little bit of time. we know that there's going to be some relocation. we have to make a decision on whether or not we're going to
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stay on the island or move off the island. >> people living nearby the cleanup site are worried about the safety of their neighborhoods. another meeting is set for next wednesday. now, to a followup. more new construction in the silicon valley. the sunnyvale city council aproved a new office complex. it will be near moffett park drive. it will consist of eight buildings. companies currently lease the space at this location. paying it forward. generous tips at two local restaurants that have become part of a national mystery. a popular tv host is killed in an accident here in the bay area. how friends are remembering him. each of our three days trapped on the ocean floor. how one man stayed alive in a
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capsized boat. did a college basketball team get preferential treatment?
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a popular san francisco-based tv host died in a motorcycle accident. and tonight, his family, friends and fans are mourning his death. bill beckwith died last night. he was riding his motorcycle when a car struck him. the driver of that car is
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cooperating in this investigation. the 38-year-old renovation expert lived in the city and was the co-host of "curb appeal." a show about making over exteriors. he also owned a construction business. he was into motorcycles and a member of the piston and chain motorcycle club in soma. members there say he was cheerful and funny. >> we all had community. we enjoyed his presence. he was a very adventurous rider. he had a lot of pals here. a lot of good times. and there's a lot of people mourning. >> beckwith's family is organizing a memorial for this sunday. where is anna? tonight, her family is desperate for any news. friends and family posted flyers today around pleasanton. she hasn't seen since sunday when she was seen in a car with three men near first street.
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she didn't leave home willingly, she is considered at risk because of her age. her family says they want her home safe. new tonight at 11:00, 15% or 20% tip? how about 750% tip. that's what one server at to tacolicious. this photo on instagram. someone left a what happening tip at hera's steak house. the movement kicked off after some people was leaving no tips. and instead leaving notes like i give god 10%. the goal of tips for jesus to show christian generosity. this is video from a diver's helmet. this diver was recovering bodies
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after a tugboat capsized. a hand reaches out and grabbed that diver. the ship's cook survived for three days by breathing air trapped in the hull. the man survived by drinking soda. he was the only survivor. we showed you earlier, winter is creeping in with cold weather arriving all across the bay area. the snow is coming down. live look at king's beach on lake tahoe's north show. why snow is such a welcome sight there. >> reporter: from heavy accumulating snowfall to light, bouncey snow pull ets. one thing is clear. >> it's snow. >> reporter: it's renewing hopes for people who depend on snow for their livelihood. like chain installers. >> 2013 has not been the year of the snow. >> reporter: return of snow
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meant the return of spinouts and accidents on i-80. the snow so heavy east of truckee, this driver thought about turning around. the amount of snow may be just how cold it is. that's because a noticeable drop in temperatures now means ski resorts like sugar bowl can run their manmade snowmaking machines 24/7. it's important because of the season that started out slowly in snowfall. businesses like the ski resort can guarantee they will be open for the upcoming christmas and new year's holiday week. >> very, very important time of the year for ski resorts. and the community in its entirety. >> reporter: is this cold weather enough to save the holidays? >> no question. it will help the cause. >> jeff raineri says he -- jeff was saying, i have to get up
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there. >> i'm embarrassed to say i missed it all last year. let's get to the cold weather story. we've been talking about it for days. and now, the chill is starting to arrive in the atmosphere. anything from 5 to 10 miles per hour. and the wind starting to calm at this hour is creating less friction in the atmosphere. that's going to allow the temperatures to plummet in the north bay and in the east bay. you see the result of the winds beginning to calm down. some of the coldest weather up here into the north bay. 10 to 20 degrees cooler. let's take a minute here and look at the sky camera grid. you see those at the coldest at this hour. 38 degrees. san francisco, camera shaking around in some wind. 47 degrees.
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i want to focus in on across the south bay. this is where you'll have the most dramatic differences. look at 8:00 in the morning. temperatures in the upper 30s. clear skies. and by 1:00, you better dress those kids with the jackets because it's not going to warm up a lot. only expecting 50 degrees throughout the early afternoon hours. let's take a look at the freeze warnings. the spot in it the worst tomorrow morning will be the north bay counties from santa rosa to petaluma, towards mill valley. and napa and sonoma will be 25 to 36 degrees. wednesday night and thursday, we're going to see another wave of these freeze warnings issued here for the east bay, south bay and the peninsula. that could be some of the coldest weather throughout the week, as we head wednesday night into thursday. let's idea since we have the time and look at the overall weather pattern. the thing that makes this4
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different than just cold air across the bay is the jet stream. it's positioned that the upper level winds are coming out of the north i do not see this changing over the next two to three days. tomorrow morning. we'll have 28 in santa rosa. 30 in petaluma. and the spot that has 20 tomorrow morning, that will likely be napa as we headé throughout 6:00 in the morning. as we head throughout thursday morning, the east bay getting into the 20s. san jose at 32 degrees. here's the overall details if you're just tuning in. some of the coldest weather as we head throughout thursday morning. bring the pets inside. not too late. and for yourself, don't forget you. you can wear the layers tomorrow morning.
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let's get the microclimate forecast through wednesday. if it's going to be on the cool side, we're going to have sunshine here. the peninsula, also san francisco. temperatures not departing too much. anywhere from 50 to 52 degrees. san jose, to san francisco. let's get you in to the north bay, east bay, to the tri valley. after those 70s this past sunday and sunny skies, you're seeing temperatures 20 to 25 degrees cooler. here's the next thing we're looking at. the bottom of your screen by friday. the storm track will stay active. we have rain on tap by friday. we have showers getting close 6:00 and 7:00 on friday evening. we're going to continue to track that. and all of the cold temperatures tomorrow morning. >> thank you, jeff. talk about taking a wrong turn. reports of a dump truck slamming
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into a building in cupertino had first responders fearing the first. the building was an empty detached garage. the truck sheered off a utility pole. the garage is on stevens creek. commute traffic turned into a mess after sheriff's deputies closed foothill. it was reopened. at this point, it's unclear why the driver veered off the road and into that garage. coming up, taking the stress out of flying. the new staff member, so to speak, at sfo.
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they're cute and cuddly and very relaxing for travelers at sfo. it's the job of eight special dogs. certified therapy dogs are walking the terminals, offering
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free stress relief to passengers. a new program called the wag brigade. volunteers have dogs that have vets that say pet me. then, delta airlines getting some heat. 50 people were bumped from a delta flight by a college basketball team. it happened over thanksgiving. travelers were kicked off a delta flight so the university of florida basketball team could travel to connecticut for their game. the team's charter team had mechanical issues. the problem is, that other plane was supposed to take the other passengers. this was during thanksgiving. so, it caused a lot of bitter feelings. delta says it gave vouchers to the passengers for a future flight. florida lost that game. up next, ahmad fareed joins us. it was a wild warriors game
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did you hear the groans and the cheers in the newsroom today? >> i heard you. >> it was very loud. >> it was a crazy game. >> toronto and the bay area squaring off on the ice and the hardwood tonight. both teams needed a bit of a comeback. one, a little more aggressive than the other. that was the basketball one. raptors and warriors. bay area versus toronto. andre iguodala shooting around. still out. kyle lowry. warriors down 27. we go to the fourth now. warriors climbing back. steph curry. just one. next possession. curry again. another three. they left him open. warriors go up two. golden state wins by nine. the largest comeback in ten years for the warriors. >> the good teams and the great
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teams, they know. those guys in the second half were incredible. in the fourth quarter, exceptional. i'm extremely proud of my basketball team. i'm proud of their will. this being my third year here, there has not been a bigger win. sharks in toronto. 8-1-1, in the last 10. deflecting past james reimer. the sharks win 4-2. bay area, 2. toronto, 0. the seahawks flying high in first place. the 49ers looking for redemption after being pounded in week two in seattle. the 49ers focused in on sunday's opponent. >> it might be the most intense game of the season. those guys, they don't like us. we don't like them. it's one of those games.
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just one of those games. we look forward to the challenge. can't wait until sunday. jack harbaugh, the father of coaches jim and john. we have landed an interview with the coach. listen in on jack's thought as he watched his boys square off in last year's super bowl. >> once the ball was kicked off, i mean, it became the most difficult football game that my wife and i have ever sat through. you sat and you knew any kind of emotion at all. if you raised your hand or you scratched your nose or you smiled with a play, that showed that you favored one over the other. you sat almost comatose. afraid to show any emotion at all. it was difficult to watch the game. >> we're going to have more of our talk with jack leading up to sunday's game.
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very nice. did you get your tree yet? the nation's capital is ready for the holidays. house speaker boehner and a first grader hit up the tree. the spruce stands on the west lawn of the capitol. crews hauled it in from washington state. how about a gingerbread house big enough to live in. guinness confirmed this masterpiece earned the world record for the largest gingerbread house. the it measures more than 39,000
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cubic feet with a garage that in san francisco, is 1.5. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't you think? >> that's a gingerbread house? >> that's a gingerbread mansion. >> can you imagine the smell? you can probably smell it for blocks away. >> i would be eating it from the inside-out. >> thanks for joining us tonight. stay warm. >> bye-bye. i love watching tv outside.
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and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv
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for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the hunger games: catching fire," liam hemsworth. from "glee," jayma mays. the music of the rides featuring stephen stills and
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kenny wayne shepherd. and "woulda, coulda, shoulda." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much! welcome! welcome to "the tonight show." thank you very much. thank you, thank you. nice to see everybody. it's election day. election day all across amera.

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